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My Resume
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Roxann Latimer

Entrepreneurial Skills

14 years experience developing and managing business entities in the United States and Africa.

WRITING Experience

2005 Quechan News Contributing Editor

Write and edit articles for newspaper and design and maintain monthly e zine.


1997 to present WIM Media & Publications Group  Publisher/Ed. In Chief                                                   Write articles, edit and publish on e zines (Nation 2 Nation, WIM Magazine, Christianity Illustrated, The Forgotten Voice & I STAND Prison News.)


1993 - 1997       Newslink   San Diego, Ca.

Journalist and featured columnist

Wrote articles and commentary column for small community newspaper. Also wrote movie and book reviews.


Professional experience

1997 - present   WOMEN IN MOTION MEDIA & PUBLICATIONS GROUP Winterhaven, Ca.

Executive Producer, Head Writer & Director

Produce (ascertain finances and supervise production) and write scripts for public access television shows. Supervise intern writers. Edit and revise scripts. Direct tapings of shows.

Edit and write monthly newsletters (Nation 2 Nation & I STAND Prison News) and WIM Magazine articles.

Administrate student exchange and interns programs.

1992 present    FRIENDS OF RUSSELL LATIMER, INC.  San Diego, Ca.                 

President & CEO

Administrate Nation 2 Nation United Nation NetAid project, with chapters in several U. S. cities and several foreign nations.  Donation of medical supplies and equipment to Africa with concentration on Aids Relief efforts through education, donations and fund raising events. Administrator of drug and alcohol program, clean and sober living centers, transitional housing program, battered women’s shelter and homeless program. Developed and implemented projects, trained and supervised staff, conducted in service trainings.  Wrote and administered funds from HUD, FEMA, Latimer Foundation and private industry grants. Public Speaking Engagements and Professional Training Seminars. Developed and implemented fund raising events. Wrote policy and procedural manuals, agency guidelines and monitoring tools.  Direct supervision of Clinical Director, Program Managers and Fiscal Manager. Oversaw and administered budgets and reported to Board and Funding Monitors.

1990 to 2000  AFRICAN AUTHENTIX Ghana, West Africa President

Manage and operate import and export company, concentrating on clothing and African arts and crafts.


1988 - 1990       DEGMER ASSOCIATES, INC. San Diego, Ca.                

Vice President

Administrator of West African Import Export company, with a student and business exchange training program. Traveled to Ghana, Liberia and London to set up offices and train staff.


Additional professional activities

1997 - 2000       Y. O. U. SCHOOL  San Diego, Ca.                

Journalism Instructor

Administrated journalism class and creation of newspaper for At Risk Youth Program. Funded through ABC and tobacco Industry.


1981 Masters in Sociology University of California, Los Angeles                                                                                 1990 Degree in Paralegal studies, University of San Diego

Community activities

Anti Drug Campaign, Attack on America Funds, Say Yes 2 Life, AIDS STOP

Volunteer experience

Quechan Indian Tribe, Contributing Editor                                                                                              Friends of Russell Latimer, Inc. President of the Board of Directors

Awards received

2003 Business Women’s League                                                                          2000 Market Street Business Association Award                                                                                      1994 & 1997 San Diego City Council Commendation of Merit Community Activism Award                                                                                                      1997 San Diego Business Journal Award for Journalism                                                                           1994 African American Women on the Move San Diego City Black Employees Association & Fire Fighters Association



Counseling: Drug Counseling, Alcohol Counseling, Domestic Violence Counseling, Case Management, Case Aid  

Writing Symposiums

Grant and Proposal Writing UCLA Extension Course