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Marilyn Barrie Tynesdale, Sacramento, CA. 2009

Roxann gives us a banging, fast paced sexy ride of a mystery that moves like a movie and leaves you wanting for more.
You know you want more when you close the last page and go online looking for the next book in the series. Ok Roxann whats up with that...Don't leave us hanging girlfriend!  A four star read!




Friends Forever   
United States

      Friends Forever, December 31, 2002 Reviewer: The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers Caressa, Sharmayne, Rayne and Jade are four very confident and beautiful women who have been friends for a long time. While they each have their own issues and secrets, they are always there for each other. But more than anything else, each of them yearns for unconditional love and happiness with their significant other. In Roxann Latimer's You Never Know, we take an emotional journey of love and discovery with these four wonderful women that runs the gamut of emotions. As a reader you want these women to work through their problems and find true happiness. Overall, I enjoyed You Never Know. However, I felt that the lack of explanation of certain events , and the transitions from one character to another seemed a little rushed and hurt the storyline somewhat. Despite these two issues I believe Ms. Latimer has a good writing voice and I look forward to reading more of her work. Reviewed by Simone A. Hawks

The Lady & The Ruffneck!   

      My favorite part of the book is the chapters on Caressa and Dallas. I fell in love with the characters like they were my best friends. I've known Roxann for a long time and didn't realize she could write so well. While I may be prejudiced I know a good book when I read one! Good luck Roxann! I'm ordering one for my sister too!

Good for the soul   


      I was able to read the book in it's final draft and I want to rain praises on Sister Roxann for keeping it real...this book paints a positive picture of Black romance and love without a lot of frills. Roxann paints a picture of seemingly real life folk and you are left to wonder is this real or from her minds eye. Irregardless, it is refreshing to see Black men portrayed positively as opposed to the villains. The conversations between the characters was funny and very realistic...I hated it when it ended. High recommendations for YOU NEVER KNOW!