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You Never Know

Caressa, has always made her business her life until she meets Dallas, a roughneck with a heart of gold, but will their differences separate them or bring them closer together. Sharmayne met Mufasa while he was in prison, when he is released they marry and start a business that grows beyond their dreams, but will the business come between them and defeat their relationship. Jade, an honest to goodness Gold Diggah has no time for men until she hooks up with the love of her life. Muhammad is the one man Jade ever loved, but he taught her the meaning of betrayal, will she risk her heart a second time or go for the gold. Rayne is independent and a free spirit til she meets Terrell. While in Africa promoting a fund raising concert, Rayne and Terrell fall in love. But will they defeat their fear of commitment for a chance at love? You Never Know is a story of healing and redemption and self discovery, it is full of hope and joy, pain and healing. It is about life on life's terms and destiny upsetting the best of our so-called plans, because its like... you never know.

Women in Motion, acting publicist for Roxann Latimer is proud to introduce you to this award winning writers debut novel: YOU NEVER KNOW.

Publish America publishes fiction and non fiction work by up and coming and established authors. With houses in America, Holland and Spain, Publish America offers an extensive online line up of a vast array of book titles. Now comes the work of Roxann Latimer.


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