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Roxann is a native Californian, born and raised in Santa Monica, she lived in Los Angeles for some years working as a social worker before migrating to San Diego, where she lived for ten years. "During the time I lived in San Diego, I traveled to West Africa and Europe and co owned an import export business. I also taught journalism at a San Diego State University program for at risk youth program."


She and her mother, Mrs. Doralee Latimer, also started a non profit agency  that began by housing homeless and battered women and today provides medical supplies and equipment to needing nations.  The Nation 2 Nation project is a United Nations NetAid partner organization and also a television series on public access that informs its viewers about AIDS and poverty in developing nations.


Roxann Latimer is an artist, writer, poet and entrepreneur. She is Founder and President of WIM (Women in Motion) Media & Publications Group, acting as its Publisher and Editor in Chief as well as the Executive Producer and Director of its television programming.  She is also the Founder and President of the Friends of Russell Latimer, Inc. a non profit corporation which manages Nation 2 Nation programs.  


Roxann makes her home in Winterhaven, Ca.