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Roxann Latimer is a self taught artist.
Roxann Latimer is a writer, poet, journalist, artist, and entrepreneur. Publisher and Editor in Chief of the award winning multicultural magazine, Women In Motion, Roxann has been writing articles and essays for community newspapers for over ten years. Roxann is a native Californian, born and raised in Santa Monica, she lived in Los Angeles for some years working as a social worker before migrating to San Diego, where she lived for ten years. "During the time I lived in San Diego, I traveled to West Africa and Europe and started an import export business. I also taught journalism for at risk youth through a program at San Diego State University." She and her mother also started a non profit agency that began by housing homeless and battered women and today provides medical supplies and equipment to needing nations. "I can remember writing and illustrating my own stories when I was five years old. My mother is an avid reader and passed on the joy of reading to me. I read fiction, non fiction, history, mysteries, romance." Speaking of romance, Roxann will admit to reading romance novels since the age of twelve. "Romance readers share their books with friends and family. My favorite authors are Terry McMillian, Eric Jerome Dickey and E. Lynn Harris, but I cut my teeth on Jerome Robbins, Jackie Collins, Judith Krantz to Danielle Steele. Today I read a little bit of every body. I love James Baldwin, I think he was a master story teller. Toni Morrison moves me like Zora Neale Hurston. And my favorite poets are Niki Giovanni and Maya Angelou. I still read romances and love a great many of todays contemporary authors." Recently Roxann completed her second novel, a murder mystery romance Murder Most Mystic.

Roxann Latimer